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Video Debut for "In The Middle Of The Night"

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2021 International Portuguese Music Awards - Nominee

Best Rock Performance

The International Portuguese Music Awards (IPMA), recognizes outstanding achievement in the music industry by international artists of Portuguese ancestry.

Social Animals Podcast

Episode 33

A podcast dealing with friendships and their effects on our lives.

All About The Song Podcast

Episode #141

talking with Michael McDonnell about the new single "In The Middle Of The Night"

Radio Play

94.9 The Rock

Had the honour of "In The Middle Of The Night" being played on the Lee Eckley show on 94.9 The Rock (Sat.Sept.25 & Sun.Sept.26)

Americana UK

UK Video Debut for "In The Middle Of The Night"

"Here’s a song from Nelson Sobral that will lift you up, lighten your mood and make you want to move.  The Toronto singer-songwriter and his band are in fine form and it’s a delight to see them absorbed in the music and just having fun.  That enjoyment is refreshing and  infectious, translating directly to those who listen and watch.  In challenging and uncertain times, upbeat songs that are full of joy are very welcome.  Sobral’s vocal performance is excellent and, also notable, the guitar soars and the horns sound glorious.  Sobral’s blend of country, rhythm and blues and rock certainly captures your attention and gets you out of your seat."

No Sleep Til Sudbury Podcast

NSTS Episode 204 - Singer Nelson Sobral

Longtime NSTS listeners know that I love speaking with up-and-coming musical talent on the show. And I anticipate that country singer songwriter Nelson Sobral will be a well-known name fairly soon.   

Nelson's imaginative with the instrumentation he utilizes in his country-inflected material, a nod to his sophisticated musical tastes - something he credits to his mother. We talk Crowes, Otis Redding, The Ronettes, Howling Wolf....and we see things very, very similarly. 

Sobral's playlist (available in Spotify):

The Ronettes – Be My Baby

The Black Crowes – Sting Me

Willie Nelson – Can I Sleep in Your Arms

Otis Redding – I Love You More Than Words Can Say

Howlin’ Wolf – 300 lbs of Joy

hometown country music

Interview with Nelson Sobral